Simple as can be to celebrate Isaacs birthday 

So today is my baby boys 16th Birthday!! I can’t believe it!! I seriously want to cry, but I look at him, and of course, as a mommy, my heart is happy and smiling because I have him. And our lil family tradition is, We go out to eat wherever the birthday boy (or girl for my daughter) wants to go. And of course it’ll be sushi!! It is All of our favorite places to eat. So my outfit is as simple as its gonna get. Jeans, shirt, scarf, boots, & a black hat. It’s mid December and 70 degrees in my crazy Louisiana state. I’m ready for a lil cooler weather. Especially when I bought me all kinda cute scarfs to wear. I’ve been sneaking in my scarfs thou, and my boots. As best I can anyways.  

 My Handsome Birthday Boy- 16 years old! 

   Sweet 16 🎂🎉🎁🎊 Isaac John