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My Remarkable results!! I loveeeeee this stuff!! These are my personal results. My name is Mandy Guillory & I am a Rodan+Fields Independent Consultant. I’m absolutely addicted to all of the products!! My website is

My Rodan+Fields Launch Party

 The day finally came!! My big business launch party!! My business partner Lynne Spears & the lovely Miss Jill Prescott were by my side helping me throughout the whole party. The party was a great success & we all learned so much more about our skin and how these great products work to turn back the clock on aging. My favorite regimen is “Reverse Regimen” because of the brown spots I got from tanning. The last thing I thought of in My younger years was, aging from sun exposure & damage caused by tanning beds. We think we will have our young skin forever. At least I thought so. Well I was wrong & when I started noticing brown spots on my face, arms & legs, I cried a little, lol, & I panicked. I did not like what I was seeing. And wondered what in the world happened. Then, after I calmed myself down, lol, I thought back to all the times I use to go tan in a tanning bed. I’d pay monthly unlimited sessions & would tan every single day. Not knowing & not realizing how bad I was damaging my skin. The past few years I got more & more concerned because 1) the spots didn’t go away 2) I was seeing more & more spots on my face, legs, arms & even my hands. I was not a happy camper needless to say. Then one evening I got a Facebook message from the beautiful and amazingly sweet Lynne Spears & she introduced me to Rodan+Fields Skincare.   Rodan+Fields are the same doctors and creators of Proactiv (the #1 acne product) well these doctors now offer over the counter anti-aging products, along with other problematic skin issues we all face today. They have 4 different regimens & recently announced the newest regimen “Beyond the Shave” for men. And I also love the fact that these products can be used by babies, children, female, male & all ethnicities. All info can be found on my website-  So these days My brown spots are faded & my skin looks & feels amazing!! As you can see in my pictures. After using these products for over a year & actually SEEING the results on myself, I became a Independent Consultant for Rodan+Fields. I’m also blessed that I am working with Lynne Spears. You can see how beautiful she is & how flawless her skin is. We basically have turned back the clock on our aging. You have got to try these great regimens!!!!! If you or someone you know would want to learn more about Rodan+Fields and/or become a part of our team, visit my website. Or email me at

Look at these results!! Unbelievable!! Regimens – REDEFINE        REVERSE        SOOTHE        UNBLEMISH

 The difference in Rodan+Fields is that these are multi-med skin care regimens created by dermatologists that are STANFORD trained! They have formulated them personally for your skin issues without an appointment! All regimens undergo a 3rd party CLINICAL STUDY & are backed with a 60 DAY, EMPTY BOTTLE, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! What do you have to lose? Just try it for yourself & see.     For Rodan+Fields skin care products:   Join me & become a Rodan+Fields Consultant:   Please contact me with any questions!!!

A Chance to Win UNBLEMISH

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