My Weekend DIY Bathroom Makeover

My daughters 1/2 bath needed a makeover, but I don’t really have the money to hire a professional to do it. So I figured out what I could to make it look good with the least amount of money possible. I had leftover black paint, white Kiltz primer, and leftover blue painters tape. All I had to purchase was the rugs, pictures and accessories. So this makeover Costed me less than $100 and I am very satisfied with the outcome. bathroom

Pre-Makeover is girly pink with girly pictures and accessories.


Next Step is to prime the walls. I admit, I tried to paint over the pink thinking the dark paint would cover it. (You can kinda see on the right side of the wall). Well, it didn’t work out that way. So I got my leftover White Kitlz Primer paint and primed all the pink. Bye Bye pink, we will miss you…lol

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Primer is dry, so now Black paint, here we go!!! After realizing how messy and how hard it is to have your hand completely still, I taped up every possible place I could. Painting is a hard job. I applaud professional painters out there. So I painted the 1st coat and I could tell it would need at least 2 more coats.11888117_10200794301295865_117792579949344802_n11892068_10200794301575872_7371619141817879808_n11866355_10200794301055859_3645581263558171474_n11885294_10200794307176012_7961524166041509336_n

Please excuse my photo bomb in the mirror… but I was really impressed with myself on the way it was looking. And excited to finish and see my lil DIY project.



Final coat with new accessories and a flower/stick arrangement, made by me. I love this bathroom!! It looks up to date and no longer a young girl’s bathroom. I am very happy with the results!!!!!


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